Ore. dad turns sons’ wheelchairs into amazing Halloween costumes

KEIZER, Ore. — Keaton and Bryce Weimer turn heads while playing in the front yard of their Keizer home. Their elaborate costumes covering their wheelchairs were inspired by the movie “How to Train A Dragon. ” “It’s their choice each year,” said their dad, Ryan Weimer. “We start creating them about six weeks before Halloween.” Weimer took an online

9 Amazing Caves You’d Totally Live In

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Caves have always been useful and a great protection for mankind. Although it may not look very pretty on the first sight, these architects managed to create some awesome buildings in it. Cave Bar – Mallorca Cave House – Switzerland Fire Station – Italy Post Office – Slovenia Stockholm Cave Subway Cappadocia Cave Hotel Pionen

29 Gorgeous Castles From Around The World

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1. Castle Howard, Yorkshire Flickr: belowred One of the grandest private residences in Britain, this beautiful estate has been home to the Howard family for over 300 years. 2. Castle Hohenschwangau, Germany Flickr: prof_richard Schloss Hohenschwangau is a 19th-century palace in Germany, which receives more than 300,000 visitors per year. 3. Corfe Castle, Dorset Flickr:


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